Latest 5 of General Inquiries

General Inquiries

Does the Information Counter provide support in foreign languages?

Although times may vary, at the Information Counter at the Asahikawa… more

Do you have car parking?

We are very sorry, but as we have no designated parking spaces for t… more

I want to link to the Asahikawa International Center homepage. Do I need permission?

As a general rule, linking to this home page is free. However, in ca… more

Latest 5 of Inquiries Regarding Activities

Inquiries Regarding Activities

I want to learn a foreign language. What kinds of courses do you have?

Every year the Asahikawa International Committee puts on “Elem… more

Latest 5 of Inquiries Regarding Volunteering

Inquiries Regarding Volunteering

I want to volunteer!

With the Asahikawa International Committee, anyone with enthusiasm f… more

Latest 5 of Inquiries Regarding Facilities

Inquiries Regarding Facilities

How to use the Bulletin Board

In case you would like to post information regarding international e… more

I want to hold an exhibition at the center. Can I borrow a location or facility?

At the Asahikawa International Center we allow the borrowing of &ldq… more

Can I use the Internet?

Along with providing free Internet access, Asahikawa International C… more

I want to distribute leaflets at the Asahikawa International Center.

The Asahikawa International Center is a common facility in Asahikawa… more

I would like to use the common meeting rooms.

  In regards to the Asahikawa International Center’s com… more

Latest 5 of Inquiries from Foreign Residents

Inquiries from Foreign Residents

I want to become friends with Japanese people.

At the Asahikawa International Center we do not provide direct intro… more

I want to do a homestay.

The Asahikawa International Committee helps arrange homestays with v… more

I want to find a job.

At AIC we cannot directly refer foreign residents to employment oppo… more

I want to learn Japanese.

The Asahikawa International Committee has from May to December every… more

I want to get a visa.

Visa procedures are different for each country. Please reference the… more

Latest 5 of Other Inquiries

Other Inquiries

Please tell me about Asahikawa sightseeing spots and events.

  Information about sightseeing and events in Asahikawa can be… more