Want to Stay in Asahikawa?



You can experience the life and the culture of Asahikawa by living with a host family. The memories will last a lifetime.
Who Can Participate
Foreigners who are interested in interacting with citizens of Asahikawa.
Application Deadline
4 weeks prior to the planned stay in Asahikawa.
1,500 yen/day to cover expenses such as transportation and food costs.
This should be paid directly to the host family.
To Apply
Fill out the application form and send in with a copy of your passport and a copy of some form of an indentification such as a studnet ID, to AIC by Email, Fax or postal mail. We do not accept applications by the phone.
You can download the application form heref you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please be aware that there may not be a household available for your stay.
contact Asahikawa International Committee
Tel:0166-25-7491 Fax:0166-23-4924
or Email:Here