[Ended]Fun Fridays - Autumn Course



Interesting activities, such as discussions, songs, games, quizzes, handcrafts and many more, all in English! Come meet new people, relax, and relate at Fun Friday!


Afternoon   1:00~2:00(a hour)  6 lessons / month

        ① October 14th (FRI)

        ② October 28th (FRI)

        ③ November 11th (FRI)

        ④ November 25th (FRI)

        ⑤ December  9th (FRI)

        ⑥ December 22nd (THR) *changed due to the holiday on Friday

Evening      6:30~8:30(2 hours) 3 lessons / month

        ① October 14th (FRI)

        ② November 11th (FRI)

        ③ December 9th (FRI)


Time: 1:00-2:00pm & 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Asahikawa International Center, Common Meeting Room (1)(Feeeal Asahikawa 7F 1-jo-dori 8-chome)

Charge: ¥1,500 for 3 months(6 classes)  *Free for volunteer leaders

Contact : Asahikawa International Committee 0166-25-7491