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Volunteer Guides


Volunteer Guides

International volunteers use their language skills to volunteer as foreign language interpreters and translators. From guiding foreign people around the city and sightseeing areas to serving as interpreters at receptions and other events, their duties are extremely varied.



Anyone with an interest in languages and enthusiasm for international exchange can register. Because we will match you with requests requiring a similar level of proficiency, please feel free to ask about what kinds of things you can do and the types of opportunities that are available.



We are also asking for help from our volunteer guides to assist at the service counter at the Asahikawa International Center. Helping foreign visitors by giving directions to sightseeing spots is the main role of the service counter. Those who would like to try speaking with and getting to know people from other countries are highly encouraged to register.   




Regarding Volunteer Recruitment

We accept applicants with experience in any language. We are especially seeking applicants who can speak Chinese and Korean. During registration we will ask about your language ability. Also, for reference we would like to hear about your overseas travel, overseas residency and any other similar experiences. 

Following registration, please expect to receive volunteer requests from our office when we receive requests from foreign visitors. Please take part in volunteer activities when it is convenient for you.

We have a designated registration form available. As we cannot process registrations via phone or e-mail, please apply in person at the Asahikawa International Center. 

Main Activities

*Skill-up Seminar Participation (English Medical Seminar, Tourism Seminars, Foreign Culture Understanding Seminars Are Planned)

*City/Sightseeing Guides for Foreign Visitors (Requests to guide for main city areas and suburban areas are possible.)

*International Center Service Counter (Tourism Info Research, Guidance, Interpretation, Assistance With Using Facilities)

*Translation of Letters and Other Personal Documents

*Interpretation at Meetings and Receptions

Depending on requests, there are many other kinds of activities. Please feel free to ask about them.



Asahikawa International Committee
Tel:0166-25-7491 Fax:0166-23-4924
or Email:Here







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