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Application for dispatch and use



International Volunteers are individuals with enthusiasm for international exchange and cooperation who work with the Asahikawa International Committee to promote international exchange at a grassroots level. They take part in activities while drawing upon their overseas experience, language skills and other talents. If you have any questions about using volunteers, please contact us using the following information. 



Applying for Volunteer Dispatch and Use

Event organizers seeking to have volunteers dispatched to international exchange events or activities, or groups seeking arrangements for homestays are each required to use the designated request form. In the case of a homestay, applications must be made at least 4 weeks in advance of the desired date.    



Activity Requests

Once we receive a request for a volunteer or homestay we will review it. If it is approved and the agreement of the registered volunteer or household is received, we will proceed with processing the volunteer/homestay request. Please be aware that we may not be able to comply with all requests.   




Responsibility for Expenses

1. The applicant will be responsible for expenses that accompany the volunteer guide’s activities.

2. Regarding homestay placements, no remuneration is paid. However, reimbursement for expenses that accompany the homestay volunteer activities (¥1,500 Per Day) will be the responsibility of the applicant.   




Responsibility for Safety

1. Regarding the volunteer guide’s activities, the volunteer guide and applicant must take sufficient care not to sustain any loss or injury arising from accidents or nonperformance of the agreement. In the event of a loss or injury sustained by the volunteer guide or applicant, the Asahikawa International Committee will accept no responsibility to pay compensatory expenses.


2. In the event of an accident which occurred during a homestay, the Asahikawa International Committee will accept no responsibility regarding the hosting household or applicant. Also, in case of a homestay arrangement being canceled due to an emergency or other unforeseen situation, the Asahikawa International Committee will accept no responsibility.



*Volunteer Activity Insurance

The Asahikawa International Committee provides volunteer activity insurance for all its registered volunteers. Volunteer activity insurance allows for compensation for volunteers in the event of an accident sustained while performing volunteer activities in Japan. 





Asahikawa International Committee
Tel:0166-25-7491 Fax:0166-23-4924
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