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Homestay Volunteers


Homestay Volunteers

The Asahikawa International Committee has approximately 50 households registered as host families to provide a friendly homestay experience for foreigners. Every year, with homestay requests from JICA visiting researchers, individual travelers, exchange students and others, we are able to pair many applicants with host families.  



What is a Homestay?

A homestay is an experience in which a visitor from another culture stays in a local home with a host family for a fixed period of time. By living together and experiencing the customs and culture of a country from the inside, the experience is designed to foster mutual understanding.  


Who are Homestay Volunteers?

The Asahikawa International Committee (AIC) works to carry out grassroots exchange between city residents and foreigners residing in Japan. Our international volunteers serve as the bridge which makes this kind of exchange possible. Homestay volunteers make up a part of this program. 

Becoming a Host Family…

In order to register as a homestay volunteer, it is first necessary to obtain the understanding of every member of your family. Please be aware that without the consent of all family members, we cannot proceed with registration. 


1. Application Form Completion/Submission

Please write in your family’s information. We would then like to interview you at our office at the Asahikawa International Center regarding your family composition, languages studied, as well as your personal preferences.

2. Registration Complete!

At your family’s convenience, we will introduce our homestay program to you. Anyone who is interested in becoming a homestay family, please contact us using the information below.   

Asahikawa International Committee
Tel:0166-25-7491 Fax:0166-23-4924
or Email:Here







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