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Event Planning Volunteers


Event Planning Volunteers

These volunteers take part in the planning and execution of events held by the Asahikawa International Committee. Event Planning volunteers act as a bridge between city residents and foreign residents and provide ideas for events and help with event preparation and execution.

We have many people registered who are unsure of their language skills, but still are interested in foreign cultures and would like to have the opportunity to speak with people from other countries. However, these events are an opportunity for fellow Japanese to meet as well, and every year we work together to plan various exchange events. Those who are interested are strongly encouraged to contact us. 




Anyone who has a strong interest in international exchange can apply. It is all right if you do not have any language skills.


Main Activities

In regards to events held by the Asahikawa International Committee, volunteers take part from the initial planning stages to the final execution of the event.




Friendship Party

Happy Halloween Party

Snow Sculpture Making

Cooking Classroom “International Exchange through Local Products”



We also can put on events designed by volunteers. Volunteers are encouraged to form groups and seek out activities on their own in order to further expand their circle of exchange.

After registration, we will inform you of the meetings for the various events. For each event there can be as many as 3 planning meetings. Please participate when it is convenient for you. We are especially looking to recruit volunteers who are excited to participate in international exchange events in Asahikawa.

Asahikawa International Committee
Tel:0166-25-7491 Fax:0166-23-4924
or Email:Here





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