What’s in the Center?

Exhibition Space

This is a 117㎡-space where international groups and citizens’ groups can hold events and exhibitions. It can be used for mid-size events and exhibitions.













Exhibition Space Displays, Exchange Space: Application, Terms of Use

1. Time of Use

Operating Hours 10:00 ~ 19:30

*Use is generally measured in units of 1 day (in order to ensure enough time for preparation and removal)

2. Holidays

Building Facility Holidays, New Year’s Holiday (Dec. 30th to Jan. 4th)

3. Usage Fees

Use of Facility: Free Use of Equipment: Free (However, use is limited to what is available at the International Center.)

4. Application for Use

 (1) Eligible Groups

① Groups with offices on the 7th floor of the Feeeal Asahikawa Building (International Center, International Exchange Group, Consumer Lifestyle Center, Convention Bureau, Marriage Counseling Center, Senior University)

② Groups affiliated with the above, whose use is approved by one of the above groups or the Lifelong Learning Community Center

③ City of Asahikawa, other citizens’ groups, public organizations


(2) Purpose For Use

(1) For exhibition, exchange and public awareness events.


(3) How to Apply

Apply using the separate form “Application for Use of Exhibition/Exchange Space”

*Those who can apply directly to the Foreign Affairs Division: Previous item 4 (1): groups ①, ③

*① Those who can apply to the Foreign Affairs Division once receiving permission from a group in listed in ①: Previous item 4 (1): group ②

※Groups from the Lifelong Learning Community Center must receive permission from one of the various community centers.


(4) Dates of Application Period

* Group ① from Above Passage 4(1)①: 1 year prior

* Group ② from Above Passage 4(1)②: 3 months prior

* Group ③ from Above Passage 4(1)③: 2 months prior


 (5) Continuous Use

For the same exhibition, up to 7 continuous days are allowed. In the case of continuous use, please apply for the entire period spanning the days from opening to close.


5. Events Not Suitable for Use

* Events intended for commercial purposes

* Events resembling religious or political displays

* Events that disturb public order or are of an antisocial nature

* Events which cause a disturbance to the surrounding area, such as loud noises, bad odors or stains.


6. Items the Applicant Should Keep in Mind

* Maintenance of the facilities is the responsibility of the applicant, as is restoration of the facilities to their original state after use.

* Regarding use of the facilities by citizens’ groups, the approving centers should meet in advance with the group in question to review the terms of use.



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