What’s in the Center?

The Use of the Asahikawa International Center


Term of Services

◎ Visitors can freely access the center during opening hours. (Operating Hours 10:00 ~ 19:30,Weekends and Holidays Opereting Hours 10:00 ~ 17:00)

◎ Public spaces, such as the International Lounge, are for common by all visitors. Therefore, please use these facilities in a manner that would not inconvenience other users.

◎Please do not use sound emitting electric or electronic devices as they may inconvenience other users (if you do use these devices please be sure to wear headphones).

◎ Visitors can freely browse books, magazines, DVD, etc. However, please do not damage or deface any of the displayed material. Refer below for the use of the Bulletin Board and borrowing books, DVD, etc. 

◎ Smoking is prohibited throughout the whole center.

◎ Unauthorized merchandizing of goods, picture taking, and sound recording is prohibited throughout the whole center. These activities are limited to special events and only after a prior request.

◎ Please leave the premises by the closing time (19:30) after cleaning up behind yourself.


The Use of the Facilities and Borrowing Materials.

Exhibition Space

For details on the "Exhibition Space" click here.

Common Meeting Rooms 1 & 2

For details on the "Common Meeting Rooms 1 & 2" click here.

Various Services

In order to use any of the services provided at the center, you first need to be issued with a “User Card” from the Information Counter.

Applying for a User Card

・Registration is free of charge. When registering please bring proof of identification (Driver’s License, Alien Registration Card, Passport, Student Card, etc.) with you to the Information Counter.

・Persons eligible to register must either reside in Asahikawa, go to school, college, etc. in Asahikawa, work in Asahikawa, reside in a municipality adjoining Asahikawa, or staying in Asahikawa for a long period.

・The User Card can only be used by the registrant.

・In case of loss of the User Card or change of name or address, please contact the center.

Free Internet Service 

・If you wish to use the computers please first apply at the Information Counter.

・Please write in your name and the time of use at the Information Counter (User Card holders should present their cards).

・Generally. The use of the internet is limited to 30 minutes per user. Also, users are only allowed to browse and surf the net.

・Users cannot printout material and or use external memory devices.

For further information on the use of the「Computer Area」click here.

Borrowing Printed Materials and DVD’s

・Please take the items you wish to borrow together with your User Card to the Information Counter.

・The center’s collection includes material for internal use only.

・Up to 2 books and 2 DVD’s can be borrowed at a time.

・The borrowing period is 2 weeks, so please return the borrowed items within that time frame.

・The number of items borrowed cannot exceed the limit quoted above. Further items can only be borrowed once the previously borrowed ones have been retuned.

・Contact the center in case of loss or damage to any borrowed items.

Returning Items

・Return all borrowed items to the Information Counter during operating hours. Items cannot be returned outside of operating hours.

* Operating Hours

Monday to Friday10:00~19:30

Saturday, Sunday, and holiday 10:00~17:00

(closed from December 30th thru January 4th, as well as the days “Feeeal” Asahikawa is closed). 


Using the Message Board

・Posting on the Message Board may done by using the allocated Notice Slips from the Information Counter. Putting up of personally prepared postings, or any kind of post other than the allocated Notice Slip, is prohibited. If you wish to post on the Message Board please inquire first at the Information Counter.

・Once the content of the post has been verified and approved, and the date stamped, you may post your notice on the Message Board. You may post the slip yourself but please make sure that it doesn’t cover or hide any other postings.

・As a general rule, posting is limited to one Notice Slip per message (more than one Notice Slips can be posted if the content is different).

Once the period of a posted message has expired the Notice Slip will be kept at the Information Counter. If you wish to repost your notice or extend the posting period, please notify the Information Counter.

・The period a notice stays posted on the Message Board is, generally, a month.

(eg. If a notice has been posted on April 1st, it would be taken down on May 1st.) In case the Message Board becomes fully filled, the oldest posts will be taken down first.


Notice Classifications

<Blue> Looking for language teachers/instructors, and information on language courses.

<Pink> Offering paid language lessons (these notices are limited to persons with a valid working visa).

<Green> Offering free language lessons.

<Yellow> Looking for employment (these notices are limited to persons with a valid working visa).

<White> Other (looking for language partners, garage sales, looking for group participants, party notices, or other looking for/wanted notices).

*With regards to paid lesson, garage sales, and other notices where the exchange of money is required; matters that may arise from any of these transactions (refunds, exchange of goods, etc,) are the responsibility of individuals involved. The Asahikawa International Center is not responsible for any negative consequences/disputes that may arise from any of the posted notices.


If you have any questions or are uncertain about any of the terms and conditions regarding the use of the Asahikawa International Center, please contact the center.



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