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Language Classes


Fun Fridays

IMG_2397-thumb-250x187-2969.jpgPeople of all ages and levels can join “Fun Fridays” and enjoy conversing in English. Through games, quizzes, etc., participants can become familiar with English and have fun. What’s more, participants can put their English skills to use as class leaders. Asahikawa Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) is at hand to assist and coordinate proceedings.

● Date: Afternoon Course : Every second and fourth Fridays of the month.13:00 – 14:00

            Evening Course : Every second Friday of the month.18:30 – 20:30

● Charge: ¥1,500 for 3 months(6 classes)  *Free for volunteer leaders


Hello Kids

DSC06891.JPG  “Hello Kids” is a series of 5 weekly English classes run every year and aimed at 1st to 4th grade elementary school students. Asahikawa CIR  and assistants teach the students vocabulary, simple phrases and   self-introduction through games, pictures, and other fun activities.

Date and time will be announced accordingly. Check "Information" on thetop of the Homepage.






Japanese Language Course

IMG_9065.jpgThe Asahikawa International Committee will provide Japanese language course.



★Introductory & Beginner Course

For complete beginners who may have knowledge of simple greetings. Essential expressions for everyday life will be taught with the help of cards and illustrations.
For those who can read and write hiragana and katakana and make simple sentences. Basic grammar as well as simple, useful everyday expressions will be taught.

Date and time will be announced accordingly. Check "Information" on the top of the Homepage.


Feeeal de NIHONGO (Ended)

“Feeeal de NIHONGO” is for all people who want to study Japanese or simply want to talk in Japanese. On Mondays, an experienced Japanese teacher will guide your study and if you prefer other days, please let us know so we can find volunteers to assist you.



Language Courses 

Courses targeting beginners which offer the languages of countries in which Asahikawa’s sister/friendship cities are located. Aside from language study, participants can learn about the cultures and customs of these countries, as well as exchange views and opinions amongst each other.

Date and time will be announced accordingly. Check "Information" on the top of the Homepage.