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JICA Participants Acceptance Activities



JICA Participants Acceptance Activities

JICA Participants Acceptance Activities

In order to support the development of personnel necessary for economic and social development in developing countries, JICA accepts over 10,000 participants each year. Even in Asahikawa, we have many participants from Asia and Africa who come to study agriculture and medical treatment techniques. We have many participants who also come to Asahikawa to study other fields such as education, investment and city planning, but here we will introduce the programs which mainly take place in Asahikawa. 


“Mother and Child Health” “African Communities/Regional Health Staff Health Administration” Courses

This training is organized by the Asahikawa Medical University. “Mother and Child Health” is for participants from all countries, and for “Health Administration” representatives from 10 countries from around Africa come to Asahikawa to learn about pre-natal health, reduction of infant mortality rates and infectious disease countermeasures.


“Asian Regions: Farmer Participatory Irrigation Systems” Course/ “African Regions: Farmer Participatory Irrigation Systems”Course


This training program is organized by the Daisetsuzan Land Improvement Ward in East Takasu, Asahikawa. From each region every year 10 participants visit Asahikawa and learn irrigation construction and techniques.


In addition, during the participants’ stay they receive help from homestay volunteers and guides registered with the Asahikawa International Committee and can meet city residents through events held by the Asahikawa International Committee.