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AIC Volunteer Activities

International volunteers are part of AIC’s efforts at creating a grassroots level cross-cultural bridge of exchange between local and foreign residents. At presents, there are over 160 AIC volunteers. AIC volunteers comprise of citizens who have had overseas experience, speak a foreign language, or would like to utilize their skills as cross-cultural volunteers. Registered volunteers attend various seminars, organize practical lectures, etc., with the aim of improving their skills and enhancing their motivation as volunteers.

As part of the “2010 Volunteer Seminar,” a lecture was held to specializing in Asahikawa’s tourism industry. Also, researchers from abroad were given a tour of the Asahikawa City Museum as part of their research into Asahikawa’s history and culture, as well as Ainu culture. On another occasion JICA participants from developing countries were introduced to Asahikawa City Museum. Volunteers had the chance to put into practice their technical English speaking skills by relaying information to foreign participants and taking questions. This was an opportunity to reconfirm individual speaking ability and knowledge of Japanese culture and history.

This is not only an opportunity to develop Japanese culture interpreting skills, city sightseeing guide practice, as well as cross-cultural understanding training, etc.; it is also a chance to meet with other like-minded Japanese by discussing AIC-run homestay and host-family programs.

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