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Citizens' Participatory JICA Partnership Program


Citizens’ Participatory

JICA Partnership Program

As a link in overseas development assistance (ODA) programs, JICA aims to support activities in developing countries performed by groups in Japan such as NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations,) universities, regional governing bodies and charitable corporations. In concrete terms, JICA examines activities performed mainly by NGOs and other groups, and provides support for proposals and action plans that are deemed appropriate for use of ODA funds.

※Currently, Asahikawa City is carrying out “Improvements in City Development Engineering in Cold Areas”activities in Mongolia.     


①Outside temperatures so cold they cannot be measured.
②The capital Ulaanbaatar, where air pollution has reached a serious level.


These photographs were taken by Asahikawa city staff during their observation visit to Mongolia.



JICA Hokkaido (Sapporo) Partnership Program

JICA Partnership Program


JICA Training Program for Young Leaders

The JICA Training Program for Young Leaders involves inviting young people from Asia, Africa, Central and South America, Oceania and the Middle East to Japan. They receive focused training to achieve a fundamental understanding of Japanese experience and engineering in order to return and take part in their countries’ future development.


※The Asahikawa International Committee also is entrusted with the JICA Training Program for Young Leaders.


For Smiles Around the World Program

This program collects donations in Japan of items that are needed in developing countries for education, social welfare, sports and culture, and delivers the items throughout the world though JICA volunteers currently dispatched overseas. With the aim of making international cooperation an everyday experience by donating to developing countries, this program began in 2003.


Twice every year in spring and fall we request donations of items. Please check the home page for more detailed information.


Link: JICA For Smiles Around the World Project 



I’ve got to do something! Project

The“‘I’ve got to do something!’5.5 Billion People I Can’t Overlook” project is a citizens’ project developed in collaboration between the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC), the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and United Nations Development Project (UNDP.) It is a citizen participatory project where citizens’ groups, international foundations, governmental foundations, businesses, local governing bodies and educational foundations can take part.

Link: I’ve got to do something! Project 


Private Sector Partnerships

Recently, the role of private corporations and funds in economic development in developing countries and sustained social development/poverty reduction has become more and more important. Our country also is facing global problems such as environment/climate change, food and resource concerns, and the importance of the role of private sector companies in solving these problems is no exaggeration. For this reason, JICA continues to strengthen its partnerships with its development cooperation partners in private industry.


Link: JICA Private Sector Partnerships


Also, domestically there are many organizations (NGOs/Corporations) that participate in “International Cooperation.” At the Asahikawa International Center we have many pamphlets and materials for reading and borrowing, so please feel free to visit us.