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Regarding JICA Volunteer Activities

JICA volunteer activities involve recruiting, training, and dispatching individuals who have the technical training, knowledge and experience requested by developing countries, and who have a desire to use their skills for the benefit of people in developing countries. The main aims of the activities are: (1) Development of economic and social structures in developing countries and contributions to recovery, (2) Deeping mutual friendship and understanding, (3) Giving back to society through volunteer experiences.    

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Anyone aged 20-39 years (Youth Volunteer) or 40-69 years (Senior Volunteer) and has Japanese citizenship is welcome to apply. The recruiting period is 2 times each year (spring and fall,) and areas of activity include natural resources, health and hygiene, education and culture, sports, planning/administration and others. The notable characteristics of JICA volunteers include using their knowledge, technical skill and experience while living among the people in the local area. The dispatch period is 2 years, but there is also a short-term volunteer system for participation for periods starting from 1 month. 


Recruitment Information Meetings

During the recruitment period 2 times every year there is an information meeting where you can hear about the experiences of previous participants and ask questions. For schedule and location details, please visit the home page.

(The spring recruitment period is held in April, and the fall recruitment period is held in October.)

Link: http://www.jica.go.jp/volunteer/index.html


Pre-Dispatch Courtesy Visit

Those who pass the volunteer selection process receive approximately 2 months of pre-dispatch training in Japan and are then dispatched to the designated country of service. Following acceptance to the training period, applicants are called “group candidates,” and upon successful completion of training become “group members.” During the 2 to 3 weeks following completion of training before being dispatched overseas, each member returns to his/her hometown for a courtesy visit to the local government administration.

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※The picture is of a group member’s courtesy visit to the Mayor of Asahikawa