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JICA Development and Education Support Activities


JICA Development and Education Support Activities

As the executive agency for overseas development aid (ODA,) JICA supports developing countries. However, are problems occurring in the world such as poverty, starvation, conflicts, wars, environmental destruction and human rights abuses only a concern in those parts of the world? Japanese society and our own lifestyles are deeply connected with these regions, and in Japan these same problems exist. 


For this reason, JICA supports “Development Education.” In other words, “education in order to participate in creating a fair society where we can co-exist.”


Development education is where each and every one of us understands the problems that accompany development, thinks of a way how development can occur in a desired way, and aims to participate in creating a fair global society where everyone can co-exist.

In more concrete terms,


Lectures/ Center Visits

Former staff and youth overseas cooperation group members visit schools and groups, and speak about their experiences in developing countries in a participatory workshop format. Applicants may also visit the Asahikawa International Center for the same lecture.

※Participatory Workshop: In activities such as the “Trading Game” and “If we were a village of 100,”the listeners become the main participants, and can learn through exchanging ideas with other participants.       


demae1.JPG demae2.JPG
Photograph ①: Children listening to the participant’s experiences while also getting quizzed. Photograph ②: While exchanging ideas group-to-group, each participant discovers and learns on one’s own in this participatory-style workshop.
Photograph ③: Children listening to a lecture at the Asahikawa International Center.  Internal Link: International Understanding Classroom



Training Program

“Development Education/International Understanding Education Leader Training”

In Asahikawa we provide the “Introductory Course.” While taking part in various workshops, participants learn from each other under the direction of the lecturer. (In Sapporo the “Putting Into Practice”and“Collective Learning”courses are held.)


sidousha1.JPG sidousha2.JPG
Photograph①: Learning while taking part in the participatory workshop Photograph②: Under the direction of the lecturer, participants deepen their understanding of theory




Educator Overseas Training

This program is where educators who are putting international understanding education and development education into practice travel to developing countries to see international cooperation in action. Through the training both pre and post-visit, they work to improve in lesson preparation.

Link: JICA Hokkaido (Sapporo) Educator Overseas Training





“Middle School/High School Student Essay Contest”


Every year there is a call for essays on a specific theme. A grand prize winner is chosen following the selection process.

Link: JICA Hokkaido (Sapporo) Topix “Essay Contest 2011”


“Global Education Contest”

The contest is divided into 2 groups:“Photography:Image Group” and “International Cooperation Report Group.”

Link: JICA Hokkaido (Sapporo) Topix “Study Tour Report Seminar”


※For those who want to know more about JICA Development Education Support Activities, please refer to the following links.

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The Asahikawa International Center also holds special events and exhibitions.

(In commemoration of the Asahikawa International Center’s opening in September 2011, the JICA booth held a display and workshop called the “Illiteracy Experience Game.”An exhibition titled “Guaranteeing Human Safety-Happiness and Sadness in the World” was held from December 26th to February 15th, and in January there was a cooperation group lecture.)  


In the future we will be holding events where you can get in touch with and learn from the world close-up, so please check our home page often for the latest information.

Internal Link: Photo Gallery

Link: JICA Hokkaido (Sapporo) Topix “Global Square Asahikawa Exhibition & Cooperation Group Lecture”